State Budget

Arizona Budget

We faced a very hard task the last seven years, but we can proudly say the State budget and finances are now sustainable.  With your support of voting me back to the senate, I will continue to be fiscally conservative so the financial future of this fine State’s vitality continues to prosper.

The Budgets for Fiscal Year 2018 contains revenue projections that are based on real economic indicators and factors in unforeseen changes in economic conditions. The budget utilizes a multi-year budgeting approach, which ensures that spending decisions made today do not compromise the state’s financial outlook in the foreseeable future.

To learn more about the several Bills and Resolutions passed from our Second Regular Session, please visit this website through the below link:

Reduction of spending is only a partial solution. Creation of new jobs and additional revenue streams are essential to a comprehensive solvency plan for Arizona’s budget – a plan that includes prudent use of existing resources, but does not raise taxes on Arizona citizens who are already overburdened in a weakened economy.