Arizona and Immigration

The cost of illegal immigration to Arizona is staggering – with the current estimate at more than $3 billion dollars. Those who’ve slipped across U.S. borders to reside in Arizona illegally weigh heavily on our health care, educational and prison systems – in addition to taking jobs now urgently needed by Arizona’s legal residents.

This drain on Arizona’s taxpayers and our State’s budget can no longer be tolerated. Illegal immigration is a violation of our federal and state laws. We cannot arbitrarily enforce some laws and not others.

For about a quarter century, the federal government has failed miserably to uphold and enforce its own immigration laws. Parts of the Arizona border with Mexico have now become the primary points of illegal entry into the U.S. It is not just the illegal entry of persons; it is the illegal entry of drugs, other contraband and even terrorists whose purpose is to kill Americans and to disrupt our way of life! Only swift action can help effectively secure our borders to protect our citizens from terrorism, drugs and gang wars.