Health Care


Health Care in Arizona

The health and well being of the citizens of Arizona is vital for a prosperous community.  Choosing your own doctor and health care professionals is also important as a free citizen of the United States. When your freedoms are compromised, I feel that I’m the person that will listen and be a strong voice for you.

During the regular session of 2012, I helped to keep our children and citizens safe by introducing bill HB2356, which was voted into law. The bill addresses the growing issue of a synthetic drug known as “bath salts”. It expands the definition of dangerous drugs to include 7 chemical compounds that create “bath salts”. Not only has this highly addictive and dangerous substance caused tragedy with families, but with extra costs in our hospitals and police forces. This new law is the first step to help continue to enforce safety and well being of our communities.

2018 Session SB1111
I sponsored Workers compensation; dispensing of Opioids. It was a companion bill to the Governors’ opioid bill which will help our state reduce the amount of addition and deaths due to over prescribing of opioids.