It’s always an honor to be recognized for your work by your peers and associations throughout Arizona. I’m proud to have been endorsed by these fine organizations and truly appreciate the support they have shown me:

Arizona Fraternal Order of Police
Arizona Police Association
Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Arizona Realtors Association
Arizona Technology Council

Arizona General Contractors Association
Arizona Medical Association
2018 Arts Champion – Arizona Citizens for the Arts
ABATE of Arizona
Association for Career and Technical Education of Arizona (ACTEAZ) – “Outstanding Policy Maker of the Year 2018”
Leagues of Arizona Cities and Towns

Dear Senator Fann,

The League is excited to announce you will be honored as a ​Champion of Cities and Towns for your record during the 2018 Legislative Session. The award of​Champion​ is the highest award given from the League and goes to those few legislators that are steadfast supporters of cities and towns, sometimes in the face of tremendous pressure. We would like to honor you in front of members of city councils from across the state, your peers, and many more at our Awards Luncheon ​Thursday, August 23 at 12pm​ during the League’s Annual Conference (August 21-24) held at the Phoenician Resort in Phoenix, AZ. We ask that if you plan to attend the ​Awards Luncheon, ​please​ RSVP​ ​by replying to this message​.

As well, during the awards ceremony each Champion will be provided 2 minutes to speak after receiving their award.

Finally, you are more than welcome to attend any other portion of the conference that interests you, just let us know which events and if you will need hotel accommodations. For more information about the conference program you can ​click here​.

Nick Ponder
Legislative Director
League of Arizona Cities and Towns

Good morning,

Thank you for signing on to the pro-Prop 125 ballot argument that encourages voters to support changing EORP and CORP’s flawed PBI formula to a true COLA that is based on a regional CPI and capped at 2% instead of 4%. This was done for PSPRS in May of 2016 through Prop 124, which passed my a large majority of the voters. This will put the plans on a more sustainable path but still keep the promises we have made. HCR2032 passed unanimously but since the changes have to be approved by the voters, we really appreciate the extra step of signing on to this ballot argument.

Also, thank you to Senator Karen Fann for sponsoring and paying for this ballot argument to appear on the ballot. Special thanks to leadership in both chambers who helped get the support from the members as well.

I have attached the final argument with all the names of those members who signed on. We had 85 out of the 90 members 🙂


Dianne McCallister

Senator Fann,

The Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) is a voluntary membership organization open to all Arizona medical and osteopathic physicians. ArMA’s mission is to promote and provide leadership in the art and science of medicine; to preserve and improve the health of all Arizonans; to represent Arizona physicians in the public forum; and to defend Arizona physicians’ freedom and ability to practice medicine in the best interests of their patients.

The Arizona Medical Political Action Committee (ArMPAC) is a member-sponsored PAC organized to support medicine friendly candidates running for office that are committed to addressing the multitude of issues involved in the delivery of quality medical care to all Arizona’s citizens. We work hard to inform all ArMA members of the healthcare policy work undertaken by our elected officials and encourage their active participation in the legislative and election process.

Our ArMPAC Board met yesterday evening to consider endorsements for the state legislative primary races. ​I am pleased to inform you that ArMPAC has endorsed you in the 2018 primary election.

We would like to set up a time to meet with you to deliver our PAC contribution. Can you let Ingrid Garvey ​IGarvey@azmed.org​ know what works for your schedule? We are happy to meet you at a location and time that is most convenient for you.

We look forward to working with you to help ensure Arizona has the best healthcare system possible. Please consider ArMA as a resource and please reach out ​should you have any concerns regarding any healthcare issues in Arizona.

Thank you for your public service and good luck in your upcoming campaign. Sincerely,
Pele Peacock Fischer, JD
Vice President
Policy and Political Affairs
Arizona Medical Association

Dear Senator Fann

I am pleased to let you know you that Arizona Citizens for the Arts has selected you as a 2018 Arts Champion for your dedicated efforts to support funding for the arts during the Second Session of the Fifty-third Arizona Legislature. As you know, the budget as passed and signed allocated $2 million for FY2019 to the Arizona Commission on the Arts from interest earned on the Budget Stabilization Fund – or the Rainy Day Fund. This is a VERY welcome increase of $500,000 from FY2018 that will be distributed in the form of various grants to support the work of arts organizations in local communities all over Arizona. While Arizona Citizens for the Arts was proud to rally the support of arts advocates across our state, we know this would not have been accomplished without your active support and that of a number of your colleagues in the House and Senate. This was a difficult session and we deeply appreciate all you did on behalf of Arizona arts.

We would be pleased to have you and a guest join us for a reception from 3 to 5 p.m., on Wednesday, June 27, at the Children’s Museum, 215 N. 7​th​ St. in Phoenix, at which time we will recognize you and the rest of our legislative Arts Champions before an audience of our member organizations, donors and board members.

We also will be recognizing you in a press release in late June and through our social media.

Thank you, again, and we look forward to seeing you.

Catherine ​“Rusty”​ Foley
Arizona Citizens for the Arts
420 W. Roosevelt, Suite 208
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Dear Senator Fann,

The Association for Career and Technical Education of Arizona (ACTEAZ) is happy to inform you of your selection as the ACTEAZ Outstanding Policy Maker of the Year Award for 2018.

The application and nomination statement clearly spoke of your accomplishments and dedication to students and to Career and Technical Education in the State of Arizona.

Please see the attached letter that outlines additional events to honor your commitment to CTE every single day. Thank you for everything you do to make a difference in our students’ future lives!

Best wishes and congratulations again,
Amanda Nolasco
ACTEAZ Vice President
ACTEAZ Awards Chair


It is my pleasure to confirm that you’ve received the endorsement of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Political Action Committee for the 2018 Primary Election. I’ve attached a copy of the press release that will be shared with the media this afternoon. You will also be receiving an official letter of endorsement by mail in the coming days.

Established in 1888 and serving over 2,400 member businesses, the Greater Phoenix Chamber is Arizona’s largest and most-established organization representing business. The Chamber PAC was established in 1978 to help pro-business candidates get elected to state, county and local offices and ultimately improve the overall business climate.

Again, it’s my pleasure to share the news of this endorsement with you and please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance.

Kindest regards,
Jen Springman

Public Affairs Coordinator Greater Phoenix Chamber
201 N. Central Ave, Ste. 2700, Phoenix, AZ 85004

The Arizona REALTORS® state association, which represents more than 50,000 real estate professionals, has released its 2018 primary election endorsements for the Arizona Senate, House of Representatives and statewide offices. The association is pleased to endorse 27 Senate, 50 House and five statewide candidates.

“The housing industry is key to the success of Arizona’s economy and as REALTORS® we are uniquely positioned to understand the impact our roles make on our state,” said Shelley Ostrowski, chairwoman of the REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee (RAPAC). “Daily, we connect people to their communities and in turn people to their government. We are excited to announce a slate of candidates who share the REALTOR® vision for the protection of private property rights, affordable homeownership and understand the issues facing our membership, the real estate industry and our citizens.” Arizona REALTORS® is confident that each of these candidates understands the issues of concern to the real estate community, homebuyers, sellers, and property owners in the Grand Canyon state. It looks forward to working with both the administration and the legislature to ensure that the work of the 2019/2020 legislative session results in policies and programs beneficial to the Arizona real estate industry.

PHOENIX (June 21, 2018) – The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made its 2018 election endorsements for the state Legislature.

“We believe we have endorsed a slate of outstanding candidates who are all committed to advancing public policy that makes Arizona more economically competitive,” Hamer said. “We look forward to working with each of these individuals at the Capitol to make Arizona the absolute best place in the country to grow a business thanks to attractive tax, workforce, regulatory and education environments.”
The Chamber maintains a rigorous process for supporting individuals for the Legislature. Incumbent legislative candidates were evaluated based on their voting record as it relates to the Chamber policy agenda and their commitment to enhancing Arizona’s competitive standing. Challenger candidates were asked to complete a questionnaire about their policy positions before participating in a candidate interview with members of the Chamber Public Affairs Committee. The Public Affairs Committee made recommendations for candidate endorsements to the Board of Directors, which ultimately voted on the final endorsements.

“There are many big issues facing the state that will determine whether Arizona continues its upward trajectory, or whether we’ll take a step back,” Hamer said. “These challengers and incumbents – Republicans and Democrats – are committed to ensuring Arizona’s best days are ahead.”

PHOENIX, June 24, 2018​ – To help provide a comprehensive overview of Arizona Legislature candidates who can affect the technology industry, the Arizona Technology Council​ has released its 2018 endorsements. The support of these candidates is based on the most recent two-year voting records of incumbents, written responses to a survey and interviews of new candidates.

In a related move, the Council in a few weeks will publish its 2018 Vote TechSmart, a biennial voters guide that will offer details of its official endorsements of candidates for the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives in the upcoming elections.

“Our members understand the role technology plays in Arizona’s economy and it’s crucial we come together as one voice to elect Arizona Legislature candidates who have a strong and supportive view of our industry,” said​ ​Steven G. Zylstra​, president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council. “We make endorsements for legislative candidates and also publish the Vote TechSmart guide every two years to provide the facts needed to make informed choices.”

The Council’s Public Policy Committee researches incumbents thoroughly to determine whether they provide ongoing support of the technology agenda. The issues most heavily weighted in the Committee’s decision to endorse include expanding access to investment capital, supporting tax policy to incent research and development investments, technology-based economic development, advocating for enhanced technology infrastructure, and a strong commitment to improving our public education system from kindergarten through postsecondary with technology-based and blended learning.

The Council focuses its endorsements on candidates for the Legislature in Arizona’s 2018 election and backs only those candidates who support a technology agenda, so some districts may have no recommendations. Also, the Council is not making recommendations on other statewide or congressional races.

The Arizona Technology Council’s legislative candidate endorsements are:

Senator Fann was the ABATE Senate Freedom Fighter of the Year for 2017.


July 20, 2018

The Honorable Karen Fann
5691 Hole In One Drive
Prescott, AZ 86301

Dear Senator Fann,

Arizonans for Fair Contracting (AFC) is delighted to give you our enthusiastic endorsement as you seek re-election to the Arizona State Senate for Legislative District 1! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to make construction fair in Arizona.

AFC launched in the fall of 2016 to serve as a united voice for contractors advocating for fair contracting practices in Arizona’s construction community. AFC is working to put an end to overreaching indemnity clauses that hold contractors responsible for the negligence of others.

A major victory for AFC was this year’s passage of SB 1271, establishing the Construction Liability Apportionment Study Committee (CLASC).

The CLASC will study this issue, and will take an in-depth look into the availability and affordability of insurance, frivolous construction claims, and more. AFC is confident the CLASC will produce legislative solutions that can be supported by Arizona’s construction industry.

We look forward to working with you – best wishes and good luck!

Scott Petre
Arizonans for Fair Contracting

Chuck Haskins
Arizonans for Fair Contracting

Ryan DeMenna
DeMenna Public Affairs

Kevin DeMenna
DeMenna Public Affairs