Education & Family

Education & Families in Arizona

Education represents the largest single expenditure in Arizona’s budget.

Public school spending on students in kindergarten through 12th grade now consumes more than 22% of the State’s total budget.

The exorbitant amount of taxpayer dollars currently spent on unfunded mandates and bureaucracy prevents the limited funds we do have from being directed to teaching our children.

I believe that parents should have the choice in their children’s education and local school boards and parents should have more say in how their monies are being used to teach our children. We must find ways to eliminate or reduce spending on unfunded mandates and unnecessary regulations which inhibit direct funding for education.

Stopping Arizona’s heavy losses due to illegal immigration, for example, could provide funding to allow us to forgo federal programs like the current, flawed version of No Child Left Behind. With today’s limited resources, Arizonans need a better way to invest in our children’s future.