Balanced Budget Boosts Rainy Day Fund To Record $1 Billion Dollars

Highlights of Arizona’s balanced, fiscally conservative budget include the following:

K-12 Education

$165 million to fully fund 20 percent teacher pay raises by school year 2020
$136 million to speed up the restoration of recession-era cuts to District and Charter Additional Assistance
$88 million for school building renewal
$76 million for new school construction
$30 million in new dollars for high-performing schools through results based funding
$20 million to hire more school counselors and cops on campus
$10 million to grow Career and Technical Education programs at public high schools
$1.5 million in permanent funds for Foster Youth Education
$800,000 to hire 10 new employees at the State Board for Charter Schools
$700,000 for county juvenile detention center education programs
$500,000 for the Boys and Girls Club

Higher Education

$35 million in funding for Arizona’s three public universities, ASU, U of A and NAU
$15 million in permanent, ongoing funds to expand the Arizona Teachers Academy
$15 million to expand the Pima Community College Aviation Technology Center
$14.2 million for rural community colleges outside of Pima and Maricopa County
$6 million over three years for STEM programming at Maricopa and Pima Community Colleges
$5.8 million to expand Maricopa County Community College’s healthcare offerings
$1 million for Diné College, a community college on the Navajo Nation
$1 million for the National Guard Tuition Reimbursement
$500,000 for Northern Arizona University’s Freedom School

Public Safety

$74.7 million to provide raises to public safety personnel including
$40.6 million for Correctional Officer pay increases;
$21.5 million for State Troopers at the Department of Public Safety;
$5.5 million for caseworker raises at the Department of Child Safety;
$3.2 million for Youth Correctional Officers at the Department of Juvenile Corrections;
$2.8 million for public safety personnel at the Department of Health.
$11 million to hire 48 new state troopers
$4 million for Department of Public Safety vehicle replacement
$3.9 million for a West Valley Readiness Center operated by the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs
$1 million for 10 additional healthcare monitoring staff at the Department of Corrections
$1 million for additional Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board training
$271,000 for a Sierra Vista Public Safety Communications Center

Infrastructure & Economic Development

$130 million over three years to expand Interstate 17
$95.3 million for targeted priority infrastructure projects
$11.3 million to eliminate counties paying for a share of operating costs at the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections
$3 million to expand broadband services in underserved rural areas
$2.2 million for the Arts
$1.1 million to promote tourism, including Arizona’s farm wineries
$1 million for a business one-stop, helping entrepreneurs furthering Arizona’s economic growth
$700,000 for a Mariposa Port of Entry Cold Inspection Facility

Health & Welfare

$56 million in federal funds for childcare subsidies for low-income, working families
$15 million deposit into the state Housing Trust Fund to prevent and alleviate homelessness
$13 million for new developmental disability provider funding
$7 million in provider funding for elderly in-home and nursing care through Arizona Long Term Care System Provider Funding
$5 million in funding for health care research at the Translational Genomics Research Institute
$2.4 million to expand the kinship stipend to all kinship caregivers
$2 million for Alzheimer’s research
$1.6 million to eliminate the KidsCare Freeze, protecting coverage for over 6,000 Arizona kids
$1.6 million to help reduce suicides in Arizona’s military and veteran population
$1.5 million for Benson and Northern Cochise Community Hospitals in Cochise County
$1 million to reimburse family caregivers for 50% of their qualifying expenses
$1 million for prenatal equipment at rural Arizona hospitals
$1 million for Arizona food banks
$700,000 for a primary care clinic in Colorado City

Natural Resources

$37 million to implement the multi-party Drought Contingency Plan that will secure Arizona’s water future
$20 million to promptly reimburse local Arizona fire districts for combating wildfires
$2.6 million for Nogales wastewater treatment infrastructure
$2 million for the eradication of the Salt Cedar, a non-native invasive species that poses environmental and fire risks
$1 million to increase funds for the Forestry Hazardous Vegetation Removal, for a total of $3 million annually, to remove vegetation that poses fire risks to property and life
$1.2 million to replace a pedestrian viewing bridge at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park
$1 million for a forestry fire training center in Snowflake, Arizona
$750,000 for a Mount Lemmon Fire District Water line
$700,000 for upgrades to the Great Western Trail for Off Highway Vehicles
$100,000 for Dairy Inspector pay raises and additional inspectors
$30,000 for pay raises at the Department of Agriculture